The Barbados and Carolinas Legacy Foundation was incorporated on June 18th, 2012 to facilitate business, education, historical and cultural collaboration between Barbados and the Carolinas. 


Welcome to the Barbados and Carolinas Legacy Foundation website.  Join me on a virtual journey from the Barbados shores to the Carolina coast…. and linger for a while.  Let’s review historical links and influences, discover new research as we cross the bridge that separates the present from the past.

Coincidently, the birth of the Foundation takes place at a time when the role of immigrants has now become the center of discussion all across America. This raises the importance of the work and the future of the Foundation.
As we seek to inform, we invite your support, encourage your questions, and welcome your ideas.

Finally, we don’t pretend to be perfect and wish to assure you that this launch is a work in progress.

Rhoda Green
Founder /Chair of Development Committee



To highlight, research, archive, facilitate and promote opportunities for Barbados/Carolinas collaboration.



Mutual Respect, Collaboration, Education, Innovation, Excellence, and Measurable Results.