Attempting to promote the Carolina-Caribbean connection, a group called the Carolina Caribbean Association, led by Rhoda Green, successfully led the movement for the “twinning” ceremonies of Charleston and Speightstown in 1997. This began a dialogue about the connection that has gained momentum over the years. The South Carolina National
Heritage Corridor became involved when the Charlestowne Landing State Historic Site (an official Discovery Site of program), began to build its interpretive center with a focus on the connection to Barbados that the story caught the attention of Michelle McCollum, President of the Corridor. “The connection [of South Carolina to Barbados] is obviously there, but it’s not something you typically hear about,” she said. “The more I thought about it, the more I realized that this project was something that the Corridor could and should take on. If you want to explore the history and heritage of South Carolina, your journey should start in Barbados”.

Since the twinning in 1997, the Barbados & the Carolinas Legacy Foundation and the South Carolina National Heritage Corridor have partnered in mission to raise awareness of the historic connection that binds South Carolina and Barbados. Through special events, programs and tourism promotion we hope bring awareness to the historic connection and
encourage exploration of places tied to this history.